Books of the Bible Game

The Books of the Bible game is a fun way to help your children learn the proper order of the Old and New Testament books.


  • Print the BOOKS OF THE BIBLE page.  Make enough copies for the amount of teams you will have.
  • Cut out each book of Bible from the attached .pdf file.  You should have 66 individual books per team.
  • Shuffle each stack to be sure they are not in the chronological order of the Bible.

How it works:

  • Divide your children into even teams.
  • Distribute one books of the Bible stack to each team.
  • On “go” each team will place their books in chronological order (Old Testament to New Testament).
  • For the first few minutes have them do their best to figure it out without looking at a Bible.
  • If they are struggling, allow them to reference their Bibles for help.
  • The first team to finish all 66 books in the proper order wins!


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