Paper Ladder

Paper ladder is a fun, fast-paced game that builds bible memorization skills and team work.


  • Pieces of rope
  • Spring loaded clothes pins
  • Paper, scissors


  • Approx. 15 minutes


Before class, write each word of the memory verse on a separate strip of paper.  These strips will act as rungs in the ladder game.  You will need a complete set of these strips for each item.  Cut the rope into 3-foot sections.  Each team will need 2 pieces of rope.

What you will do:

Divide the children into two or more teams.  Give each team two pieces of rope, clothespins, and a set of paper strips that contain the memory work.  Tell the children that, on your signal, they are to lay the ropes side by side on the floor.  Using the clothespins, each team should then connect the verse strips between the ropes in the correct order, so that the strips resemble the rungs of a ladder.  The first team to complete their ladder correctly and hold it up wins.  Remember the memory verse (or other memory work) must be in the right order to win.


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